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​​Artist Getaway in Occidental, CA - April 15 - 20 2018 Credit card payment here - (includes 3% cc processing fee)
​To pay by check, please print this form and mail with your check. To pay by credit card, go to link above and also mail this form.  




Phone number (Home) _________________Phone number (Cellphone)__________________________

Email address______________________________________________________________________

Please email an image of one of your paintings to info@artistgetaway.com and I will add it to the Occidental Gallery. 

In case of emergency contact (name and relationship to you)__________________________________

Contact info for that person (phone number and email)_______________________________________

Room Choices - these are the total prices for 5 nights including tax. Cancel by March 15 for a refund. No refund after March15, 2018
​​This is the check payment amount. There's 3% added for credit card payments for the processing fee. 

​​​$800 for a single king room
​$512 each to share a double queen room

​​​Do you want to share a room with two Queen beds? ($512 each)____________

​​Do you have someone you want to share with (who)?_______________________________________

Would you like me to try to match you with a room mate?__________________​​

Do you want a private room with a King bed all to yourself? ($800)__________________

​​There is no elevator, do you need to be on the first floor?_________________________________​​​​

Would you like to paint as a group at specified locations each day?____________________

Would you like to participate in the 'show and tell' discussion each evening?___________________​​

What is your art medium? _________​​How did you hear about this Artist Getaway?___________________
I, _______________________________________________________________________________ (“Participant”), acknowledge that Artist Getaway, Inc., is merely an organizer of the event, and agree to forever release and discharge Artist Getaway, Inc., from any and all actions, claims, or demands relating to injuries or damages resulting from or arising out of my participation in the event.

Please print and fill out this form (please be sure to sign the release above) and mail it with your check made out to Artist Getaway:

PO BOX 20214
EL SOBRANTE, CA 94820-0214