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The Hovey Winery Tasting room will host the Artist Getaway art exhibit and sale on the afternoon of June 4. They have a beautiful lawn with picnic tables under shade trees. We can bring our easels and framed paintings and set up our art show. We will have ballots for the artists and the public to vote and we'll present an Artist's Choice and a People's choice award.  We can sell our paintings through their gift shop for a 20% commission and they will take care of the sales taxes.The Hovey Winery Tasting room is right on Main Street within walking distance to the rooms at Murphys Inn Motel.
Murphys Inn Motel
The rooms are large and the beds are queen size! 
​Murphys Artist Getaway Registered Guests Art Gallery
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PO BOX 20214
EL SOBRANTE, CA 94820-0214

Jaci Daskarolis
Murphys Inn Suites
Julie Limberg
Kath Root
Judith Ryan
Murphys 2014 People's Choice and Artist's Choice Winners! 
  • Carol Jurasin won the People's Choice Award at the aRt Cottage reception on July 3, 2014

Murphys 2014 Artists at the Hovey Winery Art show
Carol Jurasin People's Choice Award Winner
Bob Shaw Artist's Choice Award Winner