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Congratulations to Deirdre Shibano, People's Choice winner and Julie Limberg who won the Artist's Choice award.

Julie Limberg with her prize, a $100 certificate from Jack Richeson & Co.
Dierdre Shibano with her prize from Golden, a set of ground mediums for pencil, watercolor, pastel, ink and an apron.
Dierdre Shibano first place People's Choice and second place Artist's Choice Award
Kiyoko Penso tied, second place People's Choice Award
Ruth Beeve tied, second place People's Choice Award
Julie Limberg first place Artist's Choice Award
People's Choice Winner Patricia Akay with her ribbon and winning painting
October 25, 2013 Occidental California​
Artist's Choice Winner Ruth Beeve with her ribbon and prize from Ampersand.
October 25, 2013 Occidental California​

Murphys 2014 People's Choice and Artist's Choice Winners
Bob Shaw Artist's Choice Award Winner
Carol Jurasin People's Choice Award Winner
Murphys 2014 Artists at the Hovey Winery Art show
  • Carol Jurasin won the People's Choice Award at the aRt Cottage reception on July 3, 2014

Left to right: Jaci Daskarolis 2nd Place, Robyn Leimer 1st Place, Susan Iwata 3rd Place with their Artist Choice Award, winning paintings
Left to right: Robyn Leimer 1st Place, Jaci Daskarolis 2nd Place, Susan Iwata 3rd Place with their Artist Choice Award, prizes
Occidental 2014 Artist's Choice Winners
Artist Choice and People's Choice winners Dawn Scott and Judy Evenson. Dawn (left) won the University Art $100 certificate and Judy won the Dr. Ph. Martins Hydra Fine Art Liquid Watercolor Set.
Murphys 2015 Artist Choice Winners
Gina Koenig won the People's Choice Award at the aRt Cottage Art Show and this is her winning painting and her prize from Chartpak, a watercolor paint set. 
Congratulations to the winners in Occidental! Velsa Greenwood and Donna Arrillaga's paintings received the most votes by the Artists. Artist Choice Award ribbons and prizes from Ampersand and University Art were presented on Thursday evening in Occidental, 2015.
Occidental 2015 Artist Choice Winners
Half Moon Bay 2016 Artist Choice Winners
Murphys 2016 Artist Choice Winners
Pam McCauley, 2nd place winner on the left won the Ampersand Art Panels. Ruth Beeve, 1st place winner won the Chartpak and Chroma Oil paint sets. Marilyn Wear, Honorable Mention winner won the Schmincke watercolor set sent by Chartpak and Strathmore postcard paper.

Thank you:
The three talented Artist Choice winners, Murphys 2016. From left to right, second-place Pamela McCauley, honorable mention Marilyn Wear, first place Ruth Beeve. Gorgeous paintings!
Janet Hardie on the left with her 2nd place Artist's Choice Award winning pastel and Joanna Jarvis on the right with her 1st place watercolor. 
Joanna Jarvis on the right with her prize of a Koi watercolor set from Sakura of America. Janet Hardie on the left with her prize from Gamblin, a $100 gift certificate. 
Occidental 2016 Winners
2nd place Mark Monsarrat
1st place Pamela McCauley
Mark Monsarrat and Pamela McCauley with their prizes from Chroma and Chartpak (Grumbacher)
2017 Half Moon Bay Winners
Janet Hardie and Vesla Greenwood with their prizes of Fabriano watercolor paper, Strathmore pastel paper, Strathmore drawing notebooks and printmaking paper as well as a set of Micron pens from Sakura of America. 

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