Artist Getaway in Occidental California is a painting vacation in the coastal redwood forest. Occidental is a small town nestled in Northern California beauty. We stay at the Occidental Hotel. 

​​In Occidental we paint en plein air, the Sonoma Coast and Russian River painting locations are no further than 10 miles from the hotel. We will go to a location each day as a group to paint and then meet at 5 pm at the hotel pool to for painting sharing and discussion. If you'd like to paint the buildings in town, or anywhere else in the area, you can feel free to explore on your own or with another artist. Artist Getaways are completely casual. 

2018 Artist Getaway in Occidental
Occidental April 15 - 20, 2018
  • Sunday, April 15, Sunday, check in 2 pm and then a welcome reception by the pool at 5 pm. 
    ​We will meet each evening at 5 pm by the pool to view our paintings
  • Scheduled painting locations:
  • Monday April 16 Casini Ranch $7 entry fee, great views of Russian River



  • ​Tuesday April 17 
    Portuguese Beach, the
    ​parking area has beautiful
    ​ocean views in all directions.

  • Wednesday April 18 Schoolhouse Beach
  • Thursday April 19 Grove of Old Trees
    Voting at 5 pm and Artist's Choice Award Presentation at 6 pm
  • Friday April 20, 2016 check out

    These locations can change according to the weather. We meet at 9:30 am at the hotel office each morning to confirm the group painting location. 
    When you register please send a jpg of your painting and your web address if you have one to and it will be featured here. 

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    ​Occidental April 2018 Artist Getaway Art Gallery
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    Gail Ostendorf
    Malcolm Gaissert
    Ruth Hall
    Meja Barron
    Ling Liao
    Rose Sloan
    Tim Sloan
    Lynn Sanguedolce
    Above, Artist Choice Winners, Lisa Blaylock and Ling Liao with their paintings and prizes. Lisa won the Schminke watercolor set from Chartpak and Ling won the Gamblin oil set.  Below,you can see more paintings by talented artists during this Artist Getaway.